The Korstjens families in the USA

There are two branches of the Korstjens in the USA.

The first family is directly connected to my own family in the Netherlands.


The second Korstjens family is not directly connected to my family (as far as I know).

Peter Henry Korstjens was also born in the Netherlands in Meijel in 1844. He came to the USA as a stowe-away on a boat in 1870 and settled in Greenbay. Later on he went to Big Stone Oklahoma and he died in Shattuck Oklahoma in 1921.

Here you can see him with his wife Helen and their children George, Katharine, Getrude, Henry and John. They had 22 grandchildren with the name Korstjens. Untill now Peter has about 190 descendants, but off course they are not all a Korstjens. They are almost complete in my database.

If you are interested in this family you can send me email for more information. And off course I am always interested in news about this familybranch. So,.... keep me informed please.